Remote Backup And Recovery

IronVault Remote Backup & Offsite Storage by Iron Briefcase
Are you confident that your critical data is safe and easily accessible? Are you happy with the amount of time you’re devoting to backups, restores, and offsite storage? Quelling concerns associated with self-managed data protection – including equipment costs and maintenance, disaster recovery...

Remote Office Backup

Remote Office Online Backup & Data Protection Services
Oftentimes, data stored in remote offices is not included in the backups performed by the corporate headquarters. Especially with organizations employing tape backup, the valuable data housed at remote offices frequently goes unprotected. Many businesses have invested thousands to bolster WAN connections to bring...

Disaster Recovery

Disasters and outages can have a profound effect on both revenue and reputation. A solid disaster recovery plan for data must go beyond simple in-house backup – and include secure offsite storage and the ability to recover quickly from small or catastrophic losses and outages according to recovery times that mitigate financial impact.

Virtual Servers

Virtual Recovery (standby virtual machines)
Iron Briefcase has perfected a way to marry your backup data with standby virtual servers that can be accessed remotely following an outage. Server virtualization enables us to offer recovery servers that can be activated with your production server image. The result is a near exact, running replica of your production servers ready to be...


Regulatory Compliance with Secure Online Backup
Sarbanes-Oxley, FINRA, HIPAA, and other regulations mandate safeguards surrounding the backup, privacy, and availability of sensitive information and certain records. Iron Briefcase goes to extreme lengths to be commercial-grade, offering all the access and security controls regulated industries desire.