Remote Backup And Recovery

Remote Backup And Recovery

How it Works 
Iron Briefcase IronVault data backup service delivers advanced data protection that combines remote backup and offsite storage into one automated step by simply installing software and leveraging existing internet connectivity. With disciplined, automated offsite backup, expert technical support, and disk-based recovery devices, you can focus on core competencies knowing your business is fully protected.

Subsequent to the first backup, changed data is detected and is the only data to be encrypted and compressed before being stored in 2 geographically-separated datacenters. Since changed data typically represents a few percent of native data, this process greatly reduces backup windows. Integrity checks and email notification complete the process.

Backup data is stored on industry-leading disk arrays located in premier datacenters.  Each datacenter is monitored and equipped with redundant power and telecommunication supplies, climate controls, and fire suppression systems.
Disk-Based Recovery: Fast, Reliable, & Secure
Disk-based recovery saves time and money compared to tape-based backup and recovery solutions.  For most restores, backup data is accessible online, at any time from anywhere.  For larger restores or for disaster recovery, data can be transported to a recovery site using Iron Briefcase’s rugged mobile vault portable disk device.
Advantages of Managed Solutions
Complete Automation & Immediate Restores: Allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives, Iron Briefcase remote backup service simplifies and automates backup and replication while dramatically improving the reliability of restores. Through a step-by-step wizard, files are recovered online in a matter of seconds.

No Tape Failure, Investment, or Management:
With no capital equipment costs, maintenance, or labour commitment – not to mention tape failure – Iron Briefcase’s online, remote backup service offers significant advantages over in-house solutions.

Total Security & Encryption: SAS 70 (Type II) certification assures aggressive safeguards are in place to ensure the safety of your data, which is protected in secure, world-class datacenters. Industry-leading 256-bit AES encryption is built-in for remote backup, storage, and restore transfers.

Around-the-Clock Expert Support: Iron Briefcase’s unparalleled technical support includes installation and optimization services, training, 24-hour support, and more.