Testimonials / Success Stories

“We knew we needed more than just Online Backup and Recovery. We needed a recovery solution that would allow us to stay in business in a time of crisis. After reviewing our options it became clear that Iron Briefcase was the right partner. They not only had superior facilities, they had the breadth and depth of expertise we needed. That expertise isn’t just in backup and restore but – much more importantly – in the intricacies of re-building our IT environment. Lots of people can backup your data. Not many can recover your business.”
-Saj -Haji Cash and Carry

“Iron Briefcase is a good example of a service provider that focuses on the needs of small and medium-size businesses. Iron Briefcase offers backup-as-a-service, and it can use its backup offerings to provide full DR.”
J.Bogart - ANALYST

"Iron Briefcase solution allows for the recovery of small data losses with only a few clicks of the mouse. Larger volumes can be returned within a day on a portable disk device that enables reliable disk-to-disk recovery. Additionally, Iron Briefcase team of technicians operates as an extension of our IT department. They have an in-depth knowledge of our system and are available to support us in planning for the future, or in the event of an emergency.”
- Eva Maguire TTA International

"With Iron Briefcase service, backup and recovery is effortless and accurate. We don't even think about the daily backup because it happens automatically, and when we need to do a recovery, it's fast, and all of our data is there."
-Dr. Renato Zaccheddu